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Khaisto Wakili

Dental Nurse

Hailing from the vibrant heritage of Afghanistan, Khaisto, who holds a Certificate III in Dental Assisting and is now a university student, has been a great calibre in Pearl Dental Care Clinic.  In her role, she happily helps our patients maintain their oral health, by emphasising the significance of bi-annual checkups and unwavering daily dental hygiene. Recently, she’s been enthusiastically supporting our dentists in the intriguing world of surgical extractions.

Khaisto’s passion extends to the younger members of our patient community, where she champions the cause of teaching children the art of proper dental care. For her, this is about building strong foundations to encourage their return to the clinic. Her commitment to the principles of preventative dentistry shines through as she tirelessly educates our patients about its lasting benefits.

Alongside dentistry, Khaisto thrives on quality time spent with friends and the excitement of soccer matches, both of which light up her life.