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Dr SHABANAM Thavalengal

General Dentist

Dr Shabanam’s path in dentistry started in the vibrant city of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Her dedication to patient care and continuous learning have led her to pursue additional courses in veneers, root canals, aligners, and dental implants. Clear aligners and braces are special in her heart, among her many passions.

Dr Shabanam welcomes patients of all ages with open arms. Her unwavering commitment in her 16+ years of experience revolves around alleviating their pain and restoring their smiles. Beyond her practice, she has contributed her expertise to NHS rural services in India, where she provided dental care and education to villagers, raising awareness about dental hygiene and oral health.

Her commitment to education extends to schools, where she has conducted multiple visits to teach children about the importance of brushing and maintaining oral hygiene. For Dr Shabanam, being a General Dentist is not just a profession; it’s a source of daily fulfilment. Witnessing the relief on her patients’ faces is the driving force behind her work.

Outside of her dental world, Dr Shabanam finds joy in surrounding herself with her family and nurturing her love for gardening.