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Are you considering teeth whitening in St Marys? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Countless numbers of people just like you long for a whiter, healthier-looking smile.

With so much importance placed on having a gleaming white smile, it’s hardly surprising that teeth whitening is one of our most popular services here in St Marys.

Fortunately, teeth whitening can be achieved easily and effectively for most people and when it’s carried out in conjunction with a dental professional, it’s safe and won’t harm your oral health.

We know you’ll be delighted with the results!

Teeth Whitening With St Marys Dentist

Why whiten your teeth?

There are many reasons why you may want to whiten your teeth. Tea, coffee, food, wine and smoking can stain your teeth. What’s more, as we get older our tooth enamel thins and the dentin below shows through, causing teeth to appear darker.

Regular brushing can minimise the build-up of plaque and staining but it’s important to understand that while a professional dental clean can remove the external staining that is on your teeth, it cannot change the original colour of your teeth.

Because having whiter teeth is a major aesthetic concern for many people, there are several ways to whiten your teeth. However, the Poladay Home Whitening Kit is the treatment we have found to be most effective. Widely used around the world, Pola’s professional teeth whitening formula gets to work right away and is considerably faster than many other professional whitening products out there.

If you have 45 minutes a day to spare, Poladay can safely whiten your teeth and offers protection against tooth sensitivity and enamel damage. Carried out in the convenience of your home, teeth whitening couldn’t be easier.

So, how does Pola teeth whitening in St Marys work?

How Philips Zoom teeth whitening works

When the Philips Zoom whitening product comes into contact with the surface of your teeth, it breaks down into water and oxygen ions. The latter penetrates the surface of the enamel and attacks any stain-inducing ‘long’ molecules, effectively breaking them down.

All that remains is colourless ‘short’ molecules which are easily washed away by saliva. The level of whiteness achieved is relative to the number of oxygen ions present and how long they remain on the teeth.

About the procedure?

This type of teeth whitening will involve a couple of visits to our St Marys dental clinic.

First appointment

At this appointment, our dentist or dental hygienist will take impressions of your teeth so that a mould can be made from which the dental lab will fabricate your custom trays.

Second appointment

Your trays will be tried on and adjusted for fit where necessary. We then give you a kit of 10 whitening applicators of which you apply a very small amount in your trays and wear for 45 minutes per day. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to care for your teeth and trays before you leave.

You’re in control

You continue using the whitening trays until you are happy with the shade. This method of whitening can lighten your teeth up to 12 shades lighter in 2-3 weeks.
The best thing about Philips Zoom teeth whitening in St Marys is that you will have enough whitening applicators to top-up in 6-12 months. The result is a beautiful white smile!

How Teeth Whitening Work At St Marys Dentist

How long will the whitening results last?

St Marys patients often ask us how long their newly whitened smile will last. This depends on factors such as your lifestyle and genetics. Naturally, if you continue to consume food or beverages that stain your teeth or carry on smoking, the results won’t last as long.

Our dentists recommend regular dental check-ups and professional cleaning to keep your teeth free of plaque and surface stains which can make your teeth appear discoloured.

If you’re considering teeth whitening in St Marys our friendly dentists would love to help you achieve a whiter brighter smile with a Philips Zoom professional home whitening kit.

You will need a check-up and clean prior to teeth whitening so call Pearl Dental Care on 02 9158 6312 to make an appointment.

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