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Structural loss of a tooth commonly caused by decay or trauma needs to be restored by dental fillings. Bacteria that remains on a tooth can thrive and progress causing pain, bad breath, weak teeth as well as be the cause of an accumulation of food getting caught in the area of decay or trauma. Fillings can restore function as well as improve aesthetics of a tooth.
Tooth Filling Services At St Marys

Tooth Fillings in St Marys

At Pearl Dental Care, we remove the decay on the affected tooth, then use a high quality tooth colored filling material to restore the tooth back to its normal function. The material we use is called composite resin which comes in numerous colors to provide you with the most natural looking filling. These types of fillings are light cured which means you can use the tooth immediately. We do not regularly use Amalgam or “silver” fillings anymore due to health and aesthetic reasons.

If your dentist has said you need a filling in your teeth or perhaps multiple fillings, you likely have a few questions. The best thing to do is to contact your dentist directly and find out if he or she can answer them directly. Then, you’ll get a customized response and you won’t have anything to worry about. However, in the meantime, you may have a few basic questions you need answered. We put together five commonly asked questions so we can help you.

What is a composite filling?

Today, there are many options for fillings. They are not all silver or black like they were years ago. Composite fillings use a durable resin to fill cavities and repair cracks or fractures. Composite fillings are not like the old style because they fit tighter than older materials. Plus, they look good too–they are made in the color of your natural teeth. A composite filling can be used in the front or back teeth with no worries.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Filling?

You’ll probably wonder how long the filling will take, that way you can plan the rest of your day. The actual process of getting a filling can vary in time. It really depends on how severe the hole or crack is and the exact procedure your dentist uses for the filling. In many cases the entire filling will usually take an hour or so. Plus, you’re usually able to get back to work that same day, if you desire. Getting a filling is easy and fast.

Do Dental Fillings Hurt?

While any work you have done to your mouth and teeth COULD hurt, in most cases a filling doesn’t hurt because of the local anesthesia the dentist uses. With the anesthesia in place, the dentist can fix your tooth and have you feeling your very best again without causing you any undue suffering. The pain should not be anything you worry about when it comes to getting a filling. Make an appointment at Pearl Dental Clinic, St Marys today.

Can Multiple Teeth Be Filled?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple teeth filled when you have cavities in more than one tooth. The dentist will talk to you about the work you need to have done and help you decide if getting the fillings all at one time or on different days would be best. The goal is to make the overall process less painful and bothersome to you as possible.

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